By Musonda MWANSA

My name is Joseph Musonda Mwansa. I spent the early years of my childhood in a beautiful village called Kawambwa, Northern Zambia. At the age of 12, my family relocated to Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, but not before the important lessons of community, family and mateship were imparted to me by my grandparents.

Years later I would find myself in Australia in pursuit of my higher education. On my first visit back home, Kawambwa would then become the source of my inspiration for creating Global Empowers, a purpose-driven social enterprise on a mission to free impoverished people from mental and material poverty.  We believe that hope can inspire self determination to achieve the impossible and that those who have the courage to believe in themselves and others can change the world.

One of the most persistent deficits they experience to this day is a lack of clean drinking water. It is the early years of my childhood which remind me of the plight of our people in their search for clean drinking water and the hours spent purifying the water for their safety.

Over the last three years we have dedicated my time and efforts to formulating a water purification tablet called Vigor Aqua to ensure no human life is lost due to drinking contaminated water. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of clean drinking water, for it is one of the most effective tools one can use to eradicate mental and material poverty.

Join us and lets help one another become better versions of ourselves as we seek to become the change we seek our us.

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